With the news that national pub chain, Wetherspoons, has deleted all of their social media accounts last week, it’s got us thinking about reasons to not use social media…

So, here are four reasons why a brand shouldn’t use social media:

DO NOT USE social media as you may end up…

1) Increasing Brand Awareness

By using social media, you run the risk of increasing awareness of your brand. Statista has reported that by 2022, there will be 42.88 million monthly active social media users. That’s a lot of people that could possibly engage with your brand. Different brands use certain platforms more than others for different purposes. For example, National Geographic has 87.4M followers on Instagram. They use the photo-sharing platform to share their stunning photography content with their audience, who are highly receptive.

2) Building an Online Community

By using social media you also run the risk of attracting an online audience.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all designed for users to interact and engage with one another. When posting content, brands can encourage their followers to like, share and comment, inciting conversation. When users comment, they become part of an online community in which they can contribute their opinion. If a brand regularly posts, they’ll start to build a relationship with their customers and as a result build a loyal customer base of users waiting to see what will be posted next. These platforms are a brand’s direct line to their customers, giving them the ability to interact with them whenever they want.

3) Creating Creative Content

Using social media can result in the production of creative content.

When it comes to creating social content for a brand there are many possibilities. Depending on the brand and the impression they want to portray, this will decide what content goes out on their social media pages. Some brands use social media to promote their products in the best light possible, posting high-quality images and videos to entice their customers. Other brands do the opposite and use the platforms to portray their brand’s personality. For example, American restaurant chain, Denny’s, boasts over 481K followers on Twitter. They use the platform to tweet comical posts that attract thousands of retweets and likes per post. Brands can create whatever impressions they want depending on how they want to be perceived.

4) Building Partnerships

Do not use social media if you want to create partnerships with influencers and other brands.

The internet is a busy place and is filled with influencers, who have thousands of followers, looking for brands to partner with. Social media platforms connect people from all over the world, meaning partnerships can be formed without even having to leave your house. These days, there are influencers available in every sector you can possibly think of, from fashion and travel to food and music. Influencers already have audiences that trust them and pay attention to what they post, which means that they’ll pay attention to the brands they are raving about too. 2018 has so far seen the rise of influencer marketing, with many brands using it successfully and reaping the rewards.


Warning: Using social media could result in any of these above factors…