You may have heard of it, already played it or have no clue what I’m talking about.

HQ Trivia is the latest game-show craze to capture our attention. Already at nearly 2 million players in the U.S and a growing 200,000 here in the UK, the game is quickly gaining popularity.

So, what’s different about the game?

The game is live-streamed to smartphones and is led by a host (slightly black mirror-esque), which means players can only play when it’s live. The game is now played twice a day and once a day on the weekend.

That’s not all.

Players, otherwise known as HQties compete for a cash prize which varies anywhere from £500 to £200,000.

How does it work?

In 15-minute segments, users are asked a total of 12 questions which they must answer correctly to be in with a chance of winning or splitting the prize fund, depending on how many people are left in the game by the final round. Players get just 10 seconds to answer each question eliminating any possibility to Google the answers whilst playing.

The U.S version is hosted by stand-up comedian, Scott Rogowsky and the UK version is hosted by Sharon Carpenter.

The app was created by Vine founders, Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll. In an interview with CBS, Rus Yusupov revealed that since selling Vine back in 2012, himself and Kroll had “never stopped experimenting” and came up with the idea to “combine some of our favourite elements of mobile gaming, live video and TV production” to produce HQ Trivia. Yusupov states that the game was created to give users an “experience they have never had before”.

The game was launched at the end of last year and has grown exponentially over the last few months. Last month, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson guest-hosted the game, offering players the chance to win $300,000. Jimmy Kimmel, Ryan Seacrest and Robert De Niro have all made guest appearances on the app.

According to AXIOS, the game-show app has already been valued at $100 million.

How can I play?

You can download the app for free from either the iTunes store or Google Play for Android users.  


Image source: HQ Trivia App