We are attending Social Media Week New York!

Between 23 – 28 April, Epic Social will be attending one of the largest social media conferences in the world. During this week, we’ll be keeping you up-to-date via all of our social media channels. We will be live streaming from events, posting blog updates, sharing images and videos as the events unfold. We will be bringing you the latest from the social media industry, such as future trends, emerging technologies and how the industry is changing.

We think it’s imperative to attend these types of events in order to stay ahead of the game and find out what’s really happening in the industry.

This year marks the 10th year of Social Media Week New York. The chosen theme is “Closer” which “will explore the intensifying conflict between community and individualism.”

The focus will be on three key trends:

  1. The You Universe: The addictive nature of our phones
  2. The Social Divide: Are social networks driving an ideological wedge between us?
  3. AI vs. Humanity: Will AI technology bring us together or dehumanize our interactions?

Social Media Week is attended by over 200 speakers from around the world who will be sharing their ideas and insights into the industry. Some of the influential people that will be in attendance are: Joseph Rev Run Simmons, Martha Stewart, Chief Creative Officer of Vaynermedia, Steve Babcock, Nev Schulman and CEO of Vimeo, Anjali Sud. This is only a few of the inspirational people set to take the stage in April.  

Not only will we be attending these talks, we will also be networking with other professionals in the industry and finding out what’s happening globally.

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