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Facebook attend code conference

Both Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg and CTO Mike Schroepfer were at the forefront of a question and answer session at the Code Conference in California.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Sandberg admitted that Facebook “were late on fake news and election interference.”
  • Sandberg went on to say that “We said we’re sorry, but sorry isn’t the point. The point is the action we’re taking.”
  • Sandberg also responded to Tim Cook’s criticism, stating that Facebook disagrees with the Apple CEO’s comments.
  • Sandberg revealed that the company is investing heavily into making the platform safer for users.  
  • Schroepfer said that the social giant has difficulty balancing “free expression, and really locking things down.”
  • The CTO also stated that the company is working towards letting users delete any information that Facebook has on them.

Check out the full conference here.

Facebook have launched polls in messenger stories

Facebook is following Instagram’s footsteps by adding polls to Facebook Messenger Stories. Users will be able to add poll stickers to their stories, encouraging other users to vote and give their opinion. Users also have the option to comment on the poll as well as see the results of the poll as they happen. Polls were launched by Instagram last October and have been growing in popularity ever since. 

Image source: Facebook

Snapchat launch AR mask that responds to sound

We’re all used to making facial expressions trying to get Snapchat filters to react, however the platform has added a new AR mask to it’s collection that responds to sound. The new filter is an animal mask with neon pink ears, whiskers and a cute heart nose. The filter detects the sound in the environment and the more sound it hears, the more the filter moves. The platform has revealed that this is the first of many more sound-reactive lenses to come. 

Snapchat is working on a “Login with Snapchat” feature for third-party apps

Snapchat is working on Snapkit, the company’s first ever developer platform. Third-party applications will be able to add a “login with Snapchat” option, allowing users to log into other apps using Snapchat, rather than having to create a new account. The new feature is good news for users worried about how their data is being used as they will not have to give their details out to multiple apps and can use Snapchat as their main log-in.

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