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Facebook tests out a new video option called “Premieres” 

Facebook is testing out a new format called “Premieres.” At first glance, the format looks like a ‘Facebook Live’ video, however, the difference is the content is pre-recorded. Instead of saying LIVE on the video, it will say PREMIERE to make it clear that what viewers will see isn’t live. Reportedly, the option is targeted towards film trailers, teasers of Facebook Watch shows and music videos. Users will be able to interact and comment as the video plays. The idea is that users can view new premieres/trailers at the same time and share their opinions instantly. The platform is currently testing out the feature with a number of video creators and it will be available to the public soon.

Facebook has come under fire once more, this time it’s for their facial recognition technology. The platform faces a possible lawsuit for their use of the facial recognition tool that scans users’ photos for faces, encouraging them to tag their friends. A US federal judge has ruled that Facebook could be liable for using the tool without user permission. Back in 2015, Facebook users sued the company for allegedly violating Illinois privacy laws with the tool, stating that the platform had amassed a database of “consumer biometrics data.” Facebook is now seeking the explicit consent of European and Canadian users to allow it to continue using the technology. The platform has rolled out an opt-in permissions request and is one of a number of its data policy changes.

Bareburger create augmented reality menus using Snapchat lens studio

Move over Instagram food photography, Snapchat is changing the game. The platform is bringing out augmented reality menus. US burger chain, Bareburger, have partnered with AR company, Kabaq and designed their own AR filters that users can access by using a snapcode. This lets customers view the menu before they’ve even placed their order. The new fast-food chain is also using snapcodes to run a competition where customers can win free food and drinks. The plan for the chain is to replace all paper menus with augmented reality ones. The whole thing is cost-effective too; the CMO of Bareburger, Nadeel Alamgir, has stated that the campaign is running for less than $5000. The food chain is a breath of fresh air for the platform amidst the controversy they have faced this year. Is this the start of something new? Will other restaurants follow suit?

Instagram tests out a redesign of Explore tab in Beta

A report from TechPP has found that Instagram is testing out a redesign of the Explore tab in Beta. Reportedly, the redesign will group posts together into genres, eg. photography, fashion, animals. There will also be a “For You” section which will still resemble the old layout. This redesign will clear up a noisy feed and help users to find content that they are interested in. Whether it will actually be rolled out to the public is currently unknown.

Wetherspoons delete all social media accounts

Of course, we have to mention the news that’s hit all the headlines this week. National pub chain, Wetherspoons has shut down its social media accounts for all 900 pubs across the UK and Ireland. Chairman of Wetherspoons, Tim Martin, made the decision to close all social media accounts with immediate effect, claiming that pub managers were spending too much of their time online which was affecting service. The decision has sparked a huge debate online, with some people even stating they think it’s a PR stunt. 

Will the pub chain stick to this or will they revert back in the future? 

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