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It’s all about Stories this week, as the social giants fight for the attention of consumers by adding new features to their Stories.

Facebook Stories rolls out India-first features

Facebook have announced they are rolling out features for their Stories that will be released in India first before being rolled out globally. The platform’s announcement seems part of a bigger project to promote their Stories feature internationally. The new features include: voice posts, stories archive and ability to save photos and videos.

  1. The platform is implementing an archive, similar to Instagram Stories that will auto save the user’s clips privately after they have expired past the 24-hour mark. This will mean users can go back to their archive and scroll through all of the video footage they have previously uploaded to their profile.
  2. Facebook will also let users save their clips from the Facebook camera directly to the social network rather than taking up space on their phone.
  3. Users will be able to upload voice messages to their Facebook Stories and add them to different coloured backgrounds.

According to Recode, it has been revealed that over the last two quarters, Facebook have removed 1.3 billion “fake” accounts from it’s system. The platform posted a report on Tuesday releasing numbers in a Community Standards Enforcement Report highlights the work they are doing in removing content that does not adhere to the platform’s safety guidelines.

Instagram Announces New Feature

Instagram have announced another new feature, which lets users share feed posts to their Stories. Users click on the paper airplane button to share the post by direct message, however now they’ll be an option to “create a story with the post”, which will then add the post to the user’s story allowing them to put text or emojis over the top. This is again making their Stories feature more interactive and engaging for the user.

Snapchat Redesigns Their Redesign

Snapchat is attempting a comeback, redesigning their redesign. They’ve reverted back to the older layout, separating Friends and Public Stories once more. Users can now swipe left to find the Friends page and view all of their conversations and snaps. Swipe right and users can view Public Stories.

As well, the platform has introduced preview screens between your friend’s Stories which prevents them from playing automatically (giving you time to click off before a story plays!).

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