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Facebook’s privacy tool changes

Following Zuckerberg’s statement last week, Facebook have announced that they are “taking additional steps in the coming weeks to put people more in control of their privacy.” In the post, released on Wednesday, Facebook revealed that they have made it easier for users to find their data settings by changing the layout of the account settings list. They have redesigned the screen by adding icons and merging the settings options into one page. As well as this, Facebook have “cleaned up outdated settings” so that users can clearly see how much of their information can and can’t be shared with apps. Facebook has also updated their privacy shortcuts to make it clearer for users to understand what information can be seen by their Facebook friends. Facebook have also updated their tools to increase account security by letting users view which data Facebook uses to target you with ads. According to the platform, these tools have always existed but need to be reinforced following last week’s events, to ease concerns over user data and privacy policies.

Snapchat lays off another 100 employees

Snapchat is laying off around 100 employees, around 3% of the workforce, within the advertising and sales department. This comes not long after Snapchat announced that they were laying off 120 engineering employees in early March. The company reportedly had 3,069 employees at the end of 2017. Snapchat is still trying to deal with the public backlash from it’s redesign. Chrissy Teigen is the latest celeb to be dissing Snapchat, announcing she has “stopped using Snap.” This comes after Kylie Jenner and Rihanna both denounced the app in the last few weeks.

Instagram adds clickable hashtags and profile links to bios

It’s been a quieter week for Instagram who have revealed changes to their news feed. The platform announced last week that they were introducing clickable hashtags and profile links in bios. When users # or @ in their profile bios, it will now become a live link that will lead to a “hashtag page or another profile”. Instagram has also said that users can now mention other users’ profiles in their bios. The tagged user will receive a notification and can decide whether to keep or remove the link. The platform has stated that these changes will encourage users to express their interests and themselves through their profile.  

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