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Instagram Announcements

Instagram has announced a few changes this week to help businesses use the platform more effectively.

Check them out here:

Action Buttons

Users can now book holidays from the palm of their hand. Instagram have now added call-to-action buttons such as, “Reserve”, “Get Tickets”, “Book” and “Start Order”. These buttons are linked to third-party partners without being directed to another website. The platform have announced some of the partners they are working with include: OpenTable, StyleSeat, EventBrite, GrubHub, MyTime, ChowNow and Atom Tickets.

Instagram Direct

To help businesses organise their inbox, this new feature will send customer messages to their main Direct inbox instead of the pending folder. The platform has also revealed that they are working on “quick replies”, so that businesses will be able to quickly respond to common questions.

Jeff Zients Joins Facebook Board of Directors

Jeff Zients has been appointed to Facebook’s Board of Directors. Zients is currently the CEO of The Cranemere Group and will fill the board seat of WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum totaling nine board directors. The appointment will be effective May 31, 2018. The platform announced the appointment on Tuesday in their news section. Zients said that he was “proud to join the Facebook Board and I look forward to working with Mark and the other directors as the company builds for the future.”

Zuckerberg also posted the announcement on his own Facebook page, stating that he was excited to have Zients on the board. He wrote that it is “an important time for Facebook and we take a broader view of our responsibility, and Jeff’s experience will help us navigate the challenges we face.”

Facebook Has A Reshuffle

These aren’t the only changes being made to the structure of the company. 

Facebook has had a “reshuffle” of its executives; the platform announced the changes earlier this week.

So, who are these executives and what is their job role?

  • Chris Cox – Cox has been the Chief Product Officer at Facebook and has been there for over 12 years. Labelled by the press as one of the most important executives to Zuckerberg, Cox has now been put in charge of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger. That’s a lot of responsibility.
  • Chris Daniels – Daniels has been with Facebook since 2011 as a Product Executive, running Internet.org. Following the departure of WhatsApp CEO, Jan Koum, Daniels has now stepped up as his replacement.
  • David Marcus – Marcus was head of the Messenger app at Facebook and has been with the company since 2008. Marcus is now going to be leading the Blockchain Technology team, while Stan Chudnovsky will be replacing him as head of the Messenger app.
  • Will Cathcart – Cathcart will be in charge of all product for the Facebook app. He has been with the company since 2008.
  • Adam Mosseri – Head of Facebook’s news feed, Adam Mosseri is moving across to Instagram as the new VP of product.

It’s been a busy week for Facebook!

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