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Snapchat lays off 120 engineers

Snap Inc announced on Thursday that they would be laying off 120 engineers. This is the social platform’s biggest cut yet; in January, Snapchat laid off 22 staff from across a number of departments. Snap SVP of engineering, Jerry Hunter, emailed employees to break the news: “we have the exceptionally difficult decision to exit just over 120 members of our team from the company.” According to Hunter’s email, the decision a result of the platform wanting to change the “shape” of the organisation and give their team a restructure. Hunter reassured employees that everyone affected would be “eligible for a transition package that includes resources to help them with the next step in their career.” The platform is reportedly still working through informing employees of the changes to staff and to the organisational structure of the company, stating that they will be “investing in top talent” as a result.

The Snapchat vs. Instagram war rages on as Snapchat announced they are testing out a tagging feature which lets users tag friend’s names, handles and Bitmojis in Snapchat Stories. The feature also allows users to ‘Swipe up’ to see a list of every user tagged in the story. This is suspiciously similar to the Instagram Stories feature which lets users tag each other’s profiles.

It’s good news for brands, however, who can use popular Influencers to promote their accounts to a wider audience.

Facebook Messenger Lite has announced a video calling option

Facebook has announced it is bringing a video calling option to Messenger Lite. The app was originally brought in for those who had weak Internet connection and takes up less than 10MB to install. Video has become a part of our everyday communication, connecting people around the world without them having to ever be in the same room. The social media giants are now paying more attention than ever to how their users are communicating via video. Messenger Lite is just the latest app to get a video feature, making it easier for family and friends to stay connected even when they are in areas with poor connectivity.

Facebook claimed that in 2017 there were “17 billion video chats in Messenger, twice as many video chats compared to 2016” and that this update would allow people using Messenger Lite to have the same experience.

A look at Instagram’s code reveals unreleased features

In Instagram news, reports have been claiming that an analysis of Instagram’s code has revealed files that suggest that the platform could be adding a Call and Video Call feature. According to TechCrunch, these “dormant” files are often for “unreleased features” that are just waiting to be launched. Another look at Instagram’s code has also hinted that the platform may add a portrait mode to its features. Reportedly, the mode will allow users to add blurred backgrounds to their photos as well as lighting effects. Whether these features will actually be released is currently in speculation.

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