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Snapchat lets users delete sent messages. 

Ever sent a message that you wish you could take back?

Now you can with Snapchat’s latest feature.

This week, the platform sent a Team Snapchat to all of its users with the news that they can now delete unopened sent messages.

Recipients are still notified that a message has been removed but they won’t be able to see the content.

How to delete an unopened message?

Hold the message down that you want to disappear and simply tap ‘delete’.

Users can also do this with audio and photos (panic avoided).

Image source: Snapchat

Instagram adds shopping tags to stories.

Users can now shop for items via Instagram Stories without having to leave the app. Instagram have updated their shoppable tag feature by allowing users to multiple product links and tag more than one product in a story.

This feature is without a doubt good news for brands and influencers who can now provide an easy way for their audiences to shop their products, using the popular social media platform.

Instagram is testing video sticker option.

According to Twitter user @taylr, the latest feature that Instagram is working on is video stickers. The newest feature will let users create their own personalised collages including the option to add moving video. Users who have the feature can access it through their stickers. It’s not yet confirmed who this feature is being rolled out to or whether it will be rolled out globally.  

Facebook launches “Memories”.

You’ve seen “On This Day”, now Facebook has introduced a “Memories” section. The platform has described the new section as “a single place on Facebook to reflect on the moments you shared with family and friends.”

Image source: Facebook

According to Facebook’s blog post, more than 90 million people use the “On This Day” feature where they can view past posts and connections.

“Memories” is essentially an updated version of the “On This Day” feature and includes a number of different sections:

  • On This Day: Past posts and life events.
  • Friends made On This Day: Past connections and friendships.
  • Recaps of Memories: Seasonal or monthly recaps of memories in a video.
  • Memories you may have missed: Memories users may have not had a chance to view yet.

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