Instagram have fuelled rumours that the platform will soon let users upload longer-style videos by emailing a select number of reporters invites that, according to TechCrunch, simply state: “Instagram has some news to share and we want you to be the first to hear about it.”

Reportedly, the platform is preparing to announce the feature on June 20th. The platform is also in talks with social media influencers and launch partners ahead of the announcement next week.

TechCrunch has also reported that Instagram wants to eventually let content publishers monetise their videos (similar to YouTube). As well, the new video section will only be for pre-made video uploads and the feed will consist of popular videos (again similar to YouTube).

So, could Instagram rival YouTube?

Here are a few pros and cons:

YouTube already has an established reputation and has a database of thousands of creators who already have huge audiences. This means it will be challenging to convince creators to come over to Instagram.
However, Instagram’s new feature will allow for fresh, organic content that Instagram will approve – ensuring that only top quality content gets onto the platform. This will reduce the time spent scrolling aimlessly through feeds looking for something relevant to watch.
YouTube is known for longer videos and therefore users may choose to watch the platform on a larger screen or horizontal on their smartphones. Instagram currently has a square video format for content and is known mainly for its images and short video clips.
According to reports, Instagram will let creators upload videos in 4K full-screen vertically oriented video. However, whether this new video section will be incorporated into the current news feed or have it’s own separate app is unknown.
There is a lot of content already on YouTube, including music and films which could give YouTube an edge. It is not yet confirmed what type of content will be allowed on Instagram’s longer-style video section, so we will have to wait and see on that one.
However, with around 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every single minute, the competition for a new creator is becoming increasingly difficult. The new Instagram section would provide a completely new space for creators, creating a new opportunity for creators to be seen and heard.
Instagram currently has 800 million daily active users, with 59% of these being between the ages of 18-29. This younger audience could also give Instagram an edge as they may be more encouraged to watch longer-style videos on this platform rather than Facebook which now attracts a slightly older audience.

Do you think Instagram could rival YouTube?

What will they announce on June 20th?

We’ll keep you updated!