When A Tweet Goes Viral - Epic Social

This week, a story has caught our attention and the rest of the worlds at that.

On Tuesday, Twitter user @roseybeeme posted that she had been on a flight with her boyfriend the previous night. However, this was not your average plane ride.

Rosey Blair found she was sitting apart from her boyfriend, when they boarded a flight. Asking the woman sat next to her if she could possibly switch seats, Blair was able to sit next to her boyfriend.

Blair then jokingly said that the woman’s new seat partner could be the love of her life.

She posted a status on Twitter that read:

Blair then went on to post a thread that told the events as they unfolded throughout the journey.

The thread consisted of Blair posting images of herself and her boyfriend sat behind the unsuspecting couple. These images were coupled with captions that gave updates on the couple and how well they were getting on.

The story quickly gained attention and the original post has since had 11K comments, 335K retweets and 837K likes.

What made the story even more interesting was the man from the couple has found the Twitter thread and revealed himself as Euan Holden (@euanholden).

Holden, now being referred to as #PlaneBae has found the whole situation to be comical and seems to be handling the media attention pretty well.

The woman is yet to be known and is reportedly less inclined to be thrown into the spotlight.

The thread has gone viral, getting attention from several news outlets and celebrities including Good Morning America and Ryan Seacrest.

This story got us thinking about the power of Twitter and what it can do for someone who writes a tweet that then goes viral.

Twitter is the platform where users go to share their opinions in 280 characters or less. It’s also the platform where tweets can go viral by being shared, liked or retweeted.