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Snapchat Launches ‘Footprint’ Report

Snapchat have announced the debut of ‘Footprints: Week in the life of a Snapchatter’.

According to the platform this is “a new insights series focused on who Snapchatters are and the places they frequent in the real world”.

Last year, Snapchat launched Snapchat Location; this feature allows users to share their location with their friends using the Snap Map.

Reportedly, “over 90% of Snapchatters opt-in to share their location, and they interact with Snapchat approximately 25 times a day.”

Using this information, Snapchat are able to collect insights into what Snapchatters get up to during the week, including the places they visit the most. This new feature will provide marketers with useful information into who the people are that are using the platform the most as well as their consumer habits.

The first part of the Footprints series takes a closer look at US Snapchatters and their behaviour:

Source: Snapchat

Instagram’s Active Status Feature

Instagram have released a new feature which allow users to see when their friends are active online. When users see a green dot next to a profile picture, this means that their friend is online. This will appear in both the direct message list and when a user goes to share a post from the main feed.

To turn off your active status, you can go to your settings and choose to turn off the feature.

According to Instagram’s announcementthe new feature will help users to easily see when their friends are available to chat, encouraging interaction.

Source: Instagram

Instagram Tests Remove Follower Feature

Reports have shown that Instagram is testing out a new feature that will allow users to remove followers without notifying the user that they have been removed.

Originally, users had to block a user and then unblock them to do so. However, this new feature will allow users to do this in a more discrete and subtle way.

Trending Topic On Twitter This Week:

Prince Philip was trending this week with rumours suggesting that the Duke of Edinburgh had passed away.

These rumours reportedly began circulating when a blog called “Knights Templar International” posted a story stating that Prince Philip had in fact passed away.

The blog was quickly picked up on Twitter, causing more users to search for Prince Philip to see whether the rumours were true.

This escalation and the amount of people searching his name caused Prince Philip to trend on the platform.

Royal respondents have since confirmed that the Duke of Edinburgh is alive and well and this is an example of how fake news and misinformation can spread very quickly on a platform such as Twitter.

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