Snapchat's Users Decline, Facebook's New Requirements And Tests Out 'Breaking News' Feature - Epic Social

Snapchat’s users decline by 3 million

Snapchat saw their first ever drop in daily users during Q2. The app has seen their users decline by 3 million, now sitting at 188 million users instead of the 193 million that analysts had predicted. Since the platform’s redesign, interest in the app has been on a slow decline. Other platforms, such as Instagram have overtaken the app – hitting 1 billion monthly users. Despite the decline in user growth, Snapchat has increased revenue to $262.3 million and a loss of $0.14.

It’s uncertain where the platform will go from here and if they’ll be able to attract users back to using the app.

Facebook announced there will be new requirements for people who manage pages with a large US audience

Facebook posted a blog announcing that they are introducing a new authorisation process for Pages with large followings, starting with Pages that have large audiences in the US. Those who run these Pages will be have to go through a new process that will confirm their location. The platform wrote that the new process was to deter people from administrating a Page using a fake account.

Page managers will be informed they need to authorise their Page by getting a reminder at the top of their News Feed. The platform has also stated that if Page managers do not complete the process, they won’t be able to post on their Page.

The platform is also adding more information to Pages with large followings, such as when one Page has merged with another. A new section called ‘People Who Manage This Page’ will be added showing the primary country that the Pages are being managed from. According to the blog post, Instagram is also set to follow in the coming weeks with similar features that will give users more information about accounts that have “large followings”.

Facebook is testing out a new ‘Breaking News’ process

Facebook’s war with fake news rages on as they are reportedly testing out a new process to reduce the chances of users getting false information or just getting part of a news story rather than the whole picture.

The idea is that users who want to follow the news story will be able to choose to receive notifications when new information is shared which will then direct users to a page where they all can view the news story updates in chronological order.

The platform has been testing out new ways for users to receive breaking news updates since 2017. Facebook engineer, Brian Kadar, said  “We want Facebook to be a place where publishers can help people understand the news…not just deliver them bits and pieces of it.”

Currently, the feature is being tested out with 14 publishers in the US, Australia, Canada, Great Britain and India.