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Facebook tests “Things in Common” feature

Facebook is testing out a new feature to encourage users to interact with new people. The platform has been spotted trying out a “things in common” label which appears in comment sections.

Say you are scrolling down comments on a public post and you come across a user that you don’t know who has information above their name that tells you if you attended the same university, like the same pages, location or work at the same company for example.

A spokeswoman from Facebook has told CNET that the new feature is to encourage people that you’re not friends with to connect and see whether you might have something in common with them.

According to CNET, the platform is currently rolling out this test in the U.S on a small scale, with no further plans as of yet.

This may come as a strange move by the platform, following data protection concerns and the social media giant’s bid to make the platform a safer place for users and their data.

Source: Facebook

Facebook hires new CMO

Facebook has hired a new Chief Marketing Officer. Antonio Lucio will be leaving his role as Global Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at HP Inc. and joining Facebook in a similar role.

Chief Product Officer, Chris Cox revealed the move on his Facebook profile on Friday. Cox stated that Lucio “has an extraordinary reputation in the industry as a leader, a marketer, an operator, and a wise, gracious, and deeply principled human being.”

This will bring Lucio’s time at HP to an end after three years. Previous to that, Lucio was Visa’s CMO and PespiCo’s Leader of Innovation and Beverage Marketing. Lucio is reported to start his new role at Facebook as of September 4th.

Source: Facebook

Instagram is testing recommended posts in feeds

The platform announced on Monday that are testing recommended posts in the news feed. Users will be able to see “recommendations based on the people you follow and photos and videos you like.”

Once users have seen everything new on their feed, they’ll get a “Recommended For You” message, giving users the chance to scroll through the posts that Instagram has recommended for them. Users will then also have the option to follow these recommended accounts.

This new feature will allow users to see more of the platform outside the accounts that they follow. The platform has been rolling out the new feature this week.

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey will testify in front of the E&C

U.S. House committee, Energy and Commerce announced on Twitter that Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey will appear before the committee on September 5 to discuss “algorithms and content monitoring”.

There have been a number of concerns over social media platforms, Twitter and Facebook’s apparent politically-bias behaviour. Dorsey will answer a number of questions in regards to the way Twitter handles and filters out content.

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