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Instagram Launch IGTV

Instagram have confirmed the rumours by launching the video hub, IGTV. The hub is an app that lets users watch vertical video that can play up to 60 minutes in length.

Anyone can be a creator and can upload videos up to 10 minutes. According to The Verge, larger accounts can post up to an hour and the platform plans to let users upload videos of any length. IGTV can be accessed via the Instagram app or can be downloaded as its own separate app. It is now available on iOS and Android. The platform has partnered with content creators and a few famous faces to produce content for the app. Celebrities such as, Kim Kardashian West, Romee Strijd, Selena Gomez and Kevin Hart have already jumped on the new platform.

On Instagram’s personal blog, they posted: “We’re evolving with the times; these days, people are watching less TV and more digital video. By 2021, mobile videos will account for 78% of total mobile data traffic.”

In other news, Instagram have hit a billion monthly users up from a reported 800 million back in September.

Image source: Instagram

Facebook Introduce Subscription Groups 

Facebook announced on Wednesday that they are introducing subscription groups for admins.

The platform is “piloting subscriptions with a small number of groups to continue to support group admins who lead these communities.”

Admins, who run these groups, will now be able to easily create subscription groups that have built-in tools to help them manage, monitor and track payments. The groups will also give member access to exclusive content such as tutorials and videos, as well as the chance to work on collaborative projects.

One admin that has already adopted the new features is Sarah Mueller, who runs the group, Declutter My Home. According to Facebook, Mueller has created a subscription group called Organize My Home, which gives members “more interactive ways” to get involved in the group.

Image source: Facebook

Facebook Release New Features For Live Streaming

Facebook have announced new ways for creators to use the platform in a more interactive way. The first feature is “polling for both Live and on demand videos.” This feature lets users add questions and answers to their video, asking them to vote. The other feature is “Gamification for Live.” Users can create a set of questions with one correct answer for each. People are eliminated from each round if they choose the wrong answer, similar to HQ Trivia.

The platform has announced that they will be partnering with creators to create new interactive game shows for users to get involved with. These shows will be released on Facebook Watch.

According to the platform’s blog these are ones to watch for:

Confetti by INSIDER

Outside Your Bubble by BuzzFeed News

What’s In The Box by Fresno

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