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Instagram Testing Q&A Feature

Instagram has been spotted testing out a couple of new features. The first has been revealed by Twitter user Chris Mikulin (@cmikulin). 

Source: Twitter

We first heard that Instagram were working on a Q&A sticker back in Apri, but we hadn’t heard anything since – until now. The new Q&A sticker allows users to enter a question to put on their Stories.

Other users can then respond and all responses are sent privately to the user who created the question. This feature is not yet available to everyone and is reportedly being tested out on a select few. 

Facebook Keyword Snooze Feature

Facebook posted a blog explaining:

“Ever read a spolier online before you’ve watched the last episode of the season?… To prevent future heartache, we’re beginning to test the next addition to our suite of News Feed controls, Keyword Snooze.”

Reportedly, the new feature is in the process of being rolled out.

Source: Facebook

Facebook Adds Stories Archive

Facebook is rolling out an archive feature for it’s Stories section. Users will now have the option to store all of their Stories posts in an archive. Users will have the option to switch the feature off. The platform is following Instagram Stories, who announced the same feature back in December.

Facebook’s Bug

On Monday, Facebook revealed that over 800,000 users had been affected by a bug that unblocked people that they had previously had blocked. According to their statement, the bug was active between May 29 – June 5, which apparently meant that blocked users would have been able to see content posted by the user who had blocked them, as well as being able to contact them via messenger.

The platform stated that: 83% of people affected by the bug only had one person blocked. The platform also noted that the issue has been resolved and “everyone has been blocked again”.

Users who were affected should have received a notification on Facebook.

Article 13 Is Rejected

Meme lovers can relax as EU lawmakers rejected a new copyright proposal that would have required websites and platforms to use content recognition technology to filter out content that infringes copyright.

See here.

Another element of the proposal, Article 11, would have also required platforms and search engines to pay publishers for using news snippets/links to news stories from other sources.

This has come as great news to Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales, who opposed the proposal. Wales had concerns that the legislation would have a negative effect on the way we use the internet and the content we publish, as well as on small businesses and start-ups that may not be able to implement such technology. 

It was not so great news for former Beatles star, Sir Paul McCartney, who felt that the proposed directive would “address the value gap and help assure a sustainable future for the music ecosystem…”


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