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Twitter added a new option to ‘dock’ videos

Twitter announced a new tool this week which let users ‘dock’ videos as they browse the timeline. This means as they scroll, the video they are watching will scale down to a smaller screen and keep playing. The new option can be accessed by tapping the top right of the full-screen video.

The option has been rolled out to Android to users so far and is set to be rolled out to iOS users soon. The platform is adapting to the growing number of consumers who want to consume as much media as they can in a short space of time.

Snapchat releases tips for Back to School season

Snapchat have released a number of tips for advertisers around ‘Back to School’ marketing.

They posted an update on their blog which stated that: “US snapchatters spent an extra 130M+ hours on Snapchat during Back to School season in 2017.”

The platform has given examples of other companies that have created their own Snapchat filters to make the most of the Back to School season – one being Red Bull.

Source: Snapchat

Twitter tests Promoted Trend Spotlight ads

Twitter has been testing out promoted advertisements at the top of Trending Topics.

These are visual images/GIFs that take up the top of the screen. According to TechCrunch, these ads appear for the first two times that a user visits the platform. The new option is another way for Twitter to bring revenue in as advertisers can pay to get their product sitting in the top spot.

Disney is the first company to be testing out these ads, promoting the new Christopher Robin film.

Source: Twitter

Twitter removes locked accounts from follower metrics

More news from Twitter this week as it’s been announced that the platform will be removing any accounts they have previously suspected of being spam accounts, from Twitter users’ follower bases. This means that users with many followers could see a considerable drop in the amount of followers that they currently have.

According to Variety, Twitter’s own account has taken a hit, shedding 7.5 million fake accounts since Thursday, bringing their total to 55.1 million (at the time of writing this).

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