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Instagram disappears from Apple Watch

Instagram has disappeared from the Apple Watch following the latest iOS update. At the start of this month, Apple updated its Watch. The update blocked all apps that did not adhere to the new changes; Instagram being one of these. The social platform has not been highly receptive to the Apple Watch, focusing their efforts elsewhere. According to reports, Apple announced the update last year. However, Instagram is not the only company to leave the Apple Watch. Global giants, Google, Amazon and eBay have also dropped their support for the Watch. Whether Instagram will go back to the Apple Watch in the future is currently unknown.

Facebook rolls out Stories tests

As we know, Facebook Stories hasn’t quite yet taken off, with Instagram and Snapchat still the story frontrunners. TechCrunch revealed that Facebook is launching three tests to encourage its users to use Facebook Stories.

Here is a quick breakdown of the tests being rolled out:

  1. When going to write a Facebook status via your mobile, you’ll be directed to a window with the open camera and given the option to share your most recent photos.
  2. When using the Facebook camera, you’ll be given the option to share the post immediately to your story.
  3. Facebook has updated their stories presentation. Stories will show up with a bigger preview screen behind profile pictures to give users a teaser of the story.

The tests are currently being rolled out to a select number of people to see how it is received.

It seems as if Facebook is keen to get users using their Stories feature with the new rollouts.

Will you be ditching Instagram and Snapchat Stories for Facebook anytime soon?

Twitter suspends 1.2 million accounts

Twitter has followed up on its promise to toughen its security. On Thursday, the platform announced in their 12th Biannual Transparency report that since August 2015, it has suspended 1.2 million accounts for promoting terrorist content. According to the report, between August 2015 – December 2017, 1,210,357 accounts have been flagged and suspended for “violations related to the promotion of terrorism.” The platform has reported that the volume of the removals of these accounts has gone down by 8.4% since their previous report. 

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