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Zuckerberg responds to Cambridge Analytica backlash

The news on everyone’s lips this week is, of course, the Cambridge Analytica scandal (see here). Mark Zuckerberg released a statement on Wednesday letting the world know how Facebook would be dealing with the incident going further. The statement has revealed that the platform will now enforce stricter restrictions on how app developers use the platform. It has also said that an investigation will be carried out on the apps that had access to large amounts of information before the changes to the platform were made in 2014. Facebook has also stated that they will ban any developer that does not agree to a full audit. Zuckerberg posted that: “In the next month, we will show everyone a tool at the top of your news feed with apps you’ve used and an easy way to revoke those apps’ permissions to your data.” Facebook will also notify users who have had their data misused. Cambridge Analytica has currently denied any wrongdoings and is under investigation.

Instagram makes changes to its news feed

Instagram has heard its users and listened. While the platform is not reverting back to its chronological order, they have announced that they are making changes to their news feed to improve its user experience. The platform released a post on Thursday revealing that they are testing a “New Posts” button which will let users choose when they want to refresh their feed rather than it automatically taking the user to the top of the feed. The idea is so that if users come off the app mid-scroll, they won’t lose their spot. Alongside this, Instagram will also be introducing changes to the feed to push newer posts to the top of the page. They stated that “with these changes, your feed will feel more fresh, and you won’t miss the moments you care about.”

Snapchat adds new features to Snap Map

In Snapchat news, the app has announced a new “explore” feature. It will be adding to its Snap Map to keep users updated with current events as they happen. The feature will highlight these updates which will be from friends or from featured stories. This means you’ll now get updates when your friends travel somewhere new or upload to their story, as well as updates for “breaking news, events and trends.”

Snapchat is also adding two new location-based features: Location Categories (snapchatters can be reached based on their location) and Radius Targeting (snapchatters can be reached depending on the radius of their location or location of interest). The purpose of this is to bring “Snapchat advertisers new tools to reach the right audience, in the right place, at the right time.”

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