How The Love Islanders Turn Social Media Into A Living - Epic Social

If you don’t watch it, you’ve heard of it.

The ITV2 reality programme has captured the attention of the nation. Similar to marmite, the nation has adopted a love/hate relationship with the show. Whether it’s one or the other, it’s can’t be denied that the show has made an impression; pulling in 3.4 million viewers to watch the launch of the latest series.

Social media plays a prominent role throughout the time that Love Island is aired and afterwards too.

Of course, the first place that social media has played a part is the islander’s own personal accounts. Upon entering the Love Island villa, contestants give control of their social media accounts to close family and friends. The accounts (mainly Twitter and Instagram) are kept active, with the chosen close ones posting a couple of times a day as the “drama” unfolds on our television screens.

Montana Rose Brown appeared on the last series of the popular show and on exiting the villa, she had acquired over 1 million Instagram followers as well as a queue of brands waiting to sign her up for endorsement deals. Pretty Little Thing being one – see here.

The success of last year’s show meant that the most popular contestants were being offered up to £8,600 per sponsored post on Instagram.

Since the show returned to our screens in 2015 and it’s growing success, brands are now flocking to get a piece of the action.

Missguided, Superdrug, Jet2Holidays and Lucozade are just a few of the companies who have partnered up with the programme.

If last year is anything to go by, this year’s islanders will be looking to leverage their social media accounts to earn some serious cash, once they are out.

This year’s favourites, Jack & Dani (as they are now referred to) currently have a combined following of 3.1 million Instagram followers.

We are no strangers to seeing previous Islanders advertising all sorts of products from teeth whitener, fitness plans to more recently chocolate.  

As much as Love Island promotes being a show where couples are searching for love, it has become apparent that appearing on the show is a great way to boost your social media following and land endorsement deals.

The other way in which social media has played a part is of course the one we all play by tweeting, commenting, liking, sharing and creating memes. 

The amount of content that we generate as a result of the show is the reason that brands will do what they can to get a Love Islander to promote their products/services when they can.

ITV2 have cleverly utilised social media to fuel the success of the show by encouraging people to tweet and engage in conversation about the show as well as to follow the islanders on their own platforms. 

Without fail, every night the show has been on it has trended on Twitter in the UK.

The islanders become their own personal brand, which is why brands will be knocking straight on their doors once they’ve stepped off the plane.

There’s no doubt that once Love Island is finished, you’ll see the islanders all over your screens and social media feeds.

Is this a good way to utilise social media?

Is the show a gateway to fame?