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Twitter’s API changes affect third-party applications

This week, Twitter rolled out changes to it’s API which has consequently affected it’s third-party applications. The platform posted the announcement on their blog stating that “We feel the best Twitter experience we can provide today is through our owned and operated Twitter for iOS and Android apps…”. The platform has decided to stop supporting some third-party experiences.

Tweetbot revealed the consequences of Twitter’s API changes earlier this week:

Source: Tweetbot

The popular third-party app has lost most of it’s main features affecting the way users will now interact with Twitter. For example, users of the app will not be able to see their Tweets appear on their timeline in real-time and will have to manually refresh the app whenever they want to see new posts. Push messages and direct messaging notifications will now also be delayed by a few minutes.

The platform has explained that in order to prioritise improving the Twitter experience, they will need to stop investing in other products.

The changes have caused a hashtag to emerge on Twitter called #BreakingMyTwitter in which users are venting their frustration at not being able to use the platform in the same way.

Facebook adds Stories highlights

Facebook is following suit and has begun sending users notifications informing them that they can now add highlights to their Stories profile. This gives users the option to keep their favourite Stories on their profile rather than disappearing after 24 hours. This feature provides another way for Facebook to interact with their users. It also provides the platform with another potential way of monetisation in the future, as businesses could possibly use the new Stories feature to advertise.

Instagram introduces private polls

Instagram is bringing polls to direct messaging. Users will now be able to choose who they want to see their private poll. Using the direct messaging feature, users can pick their audience and then send them the poll sticker with their chosen question. The new feature shows Instagram are investing more time into improving their direct messaging, suggesting that users are moving away from public sharing. This could be a result of the growing concerns surrounding data protection laws that emerged at the start of this year.

Facebook raises over $300 million for non-profits

Last year, Facebook launched ‘birthday fundraisers’ in which users could choose a non-profit and ask their friends to donate money to it as a birthday gift. The initiative has taken off in it’s first year, with the platform revealing that it has raised over $300 million for over 750,000 non-profit organisations.

According to Facebook, some of the top beneficiaries of the fundraisers include: St Jude, Alzheimer’s Association, the American Cancer Society and Share Our Strength.

Source: Facebook

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